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I have been a patient at Dr. Newton's practice since it started around 20 years ago. The dental service that I have received over that time has been friendly, efficient, effective, and very much appreciated. It has never occurred to me to look elsewhere. A+++

-Kirkland, WA | Jun 02, 2016

I've been a patient of Dr. Newton's for 16+ years. All of her associates are outstanding. Office is state of the art, as they can fit and make crowns in a single visit. I had an ongoing problem with a root canal that was improperly completed years ago. Dr. Widner played "detective" and solve this ongoing problem! I am very grateful! So pleased with this dental group and would recommend Dr. Rhonda Newton and her associates to everyone!

-Shannon K in Sammamish, WA | Nov 18, 2015

Highly recommended, great staff and comfortable setting!

3 months ago
Good treatment with short waitingroom time and not "booked up" weeks out, like my general Physician

TJ l 5 months ago

Clearly a superior dental office with superior talent. I've been going to Dr Newton's for over 2 years. I'm turning 55 this year and I've been to my share of dentists in my life -- she is way above the rest. Great personality, very competent, and all the staff I've encountered there are very friendly and skilled. I couldn't ask for a better dental experience and I'll never change offices again. I had to get two crowns in one appointment and I've never had something like that done so quickly and without incident. They have some mileage on them now as they were done a year ago, and they still feel and look great. You're crazy if you live in the Sammamish area and you go anywhere else.

Robert W l 2 years ago

By far, the most pleasant experience i had while getting my teeth cleaned. Dr Newton and her splendid staff took care of my visit really well - with their personality, thoroughness of educating their patient - it made the whole process rather enjoyable. I will absolutely recommend Dr Newton to anyone who seek dental care.

FS l 2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Newton!.
I have been coming to Dr. Newton for over 15 years now since she bought this Sammamish practice. Even after moving to California I still come back because she and her staff make this former going-to-the-dentist phobic so relaxed and comfortable. They have taken the time to help explain my treatment options as my employer provided insurance has changed with the relocation. I love the fact that she is so involved in the community and have referred several friends and their families to her because I have seen first hand how good she is with children. The facility is very clean and I have noted that they use state of the art equipment for to enhance patient comfort and quality of service. I also like how easy they are to work with for scheduling and follow-up as my time is less flexible now that I have to squeeze my exams into business trips when I am in the area. Try Dr. Newton and you will soon be referring others. Thank you Dr. Newton and staff for making me feel good about my teeth again.

TallGuy64 l March 27, 2011

100% isn't a high enough rating to give Dr Newton!. I've been to Dr Newton now for over two years now, and I've never had a better dentist for myself and my family. I checked around the area and found her prices to be around the same as other dentists, but she came recommended by a friend, too, so after knowing that her prices were in line, my wife and I went in. Personality is important to me, and Rhonda puts you at ease and has a great sense of humor. People there are happy and upbeat. I like that a lot. But everythng she and her staff do, from the routine cleanings right on up to major dental work (I've had two crowns done there now, my wife has had 3) -- I tell ya, "excellent" isn't high enough praise to give Rhonda and her employees. All my kids and their spouses go there now, and even my 5 grandchildren. I hope she never retires!

By the way -- one of the things I REALLY appreciate about her office is that she makes the porcelain crowns right there. It's a one-visit deal! THAT is the sort of thing in which she invests her time, resources and training. So, if you need major porcelain work (crowns, etc) -- it's all done in one visit. No temporaries, no things sent out to labs and waiting for two weeks. My appointment was a total of less than 2 hours, and I walked out with a new crown and a new inlay (i think that's what it was called - it's like a crown, but a little different...) And they look and feel spectacular.

TerryN121 l March 18, 2011

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